One Lock Down, Many More to Come

Not that this is an amazing feat but it was nice to get through our first lock. When the loop is over we will have gone through over 100 of these but it’s nice to say the first one was a breeze. We will get a post together soon just on explaining the locking process.

When locking commercial traffic (think barges, or “tows” as they are called on the river system) have priority and it is not uncommon for pleasure boats to wait for several hours before being able to lock. Fortunately for us commercial traffic wasn’t an issue, one northbound tow had already gone through before we got there and we beat another one to the lock. We along with our buddy boat Forever Friday (another American Tug 34) hustled into the lock all by ourselves, followed the lock masters instructions and in less than an hour we rode up 55ft up and exited into Pickwick Lake.

Area to tie up while waiting for the lock.

Lock gates opening to let us in.

It looks like (and is) a long ride up.

Lock doors closing and us using boat hooks to keep the boat off the slimy walls.

Top of the lock!

We found a lovely anchorage a few miles past the lock, dropped the hook and clinked glasses to a successful 45 mile day together. We have traveled roughly 200 miles in total since officially heading out a week ago.