Our Great Loop Journey Officially Concludes

With our landfall back in Florida we are officially calling it an end to our Great Loop trip. We completed 1 1/2 Loops with several side trips and shattered our goal for learning about and seeing more of our country. As an added bonus we met wonderful people along the way in the towns we traveled through and made life long friends with fellow Loopers. While boating can be a lot of work (maintenance, navigation, weather) and some days do not go as planned we do not regret our decision to take on this adventure and will enjoy the memories we made the rest of our lives. 
Some basic final stats – 
Total Days: 540
Miles traveled: 10,075
US states visited: 17
Countries visited outside of the US: 2 – Bahamas and Canada
Where we spent our nights: Check out our older post when we crossed our wake for the stats on anchoring vs marina vs mooring ball vs free dock. If you are a potential Looper and want more info just get in contact with us but overall our entire trip we stayed at marinas less than 50% of the time. 
Where was it that we went again? This the official Great Loop route.
We followed the Loop route but also added in several side trips and 2 trips down to the Bahamas.
Worth sharing again – here we are ready to hang our Gold Looper flag back in September 2019, indicating that we had successfully completed the Loop. 
Thank you for following along with us. As we fully disclosed/admit at the start of this adventure that we are not writers, photographers, editors or bloggers. We were able to share only a sliver of what our days included. We hope that our departure from the norm inspires each of you to follow your own dream – no matter how large or small it may be.