Penny’s Perspective

If Penny could type here is what she would probably share –

I miss my big backyard where I can roam freely among big trees and bushes but being a boat dog is not so bad. Because the boat is not very big I get to be very close to my people.

I like to swim and get to do that fairly often. I am not sure why they put a silly looking life vest on me because I am a water dog and can swim really well but I guess they like to use it to drop me from the boat into the water and then to pull me out. Not to brag but I mastered the SUP on my first try. I like when one of my people paddles me around to see stuff and all I have to do is sit there fairly still.  

It is really hot where I am and I try to find shade wherever it is. I am also shedding a lot. I hear my people talking about how much of my hair is all over the boat but I can’t really help it. It should be obvious to them that I have a lot of hair and it all has to go somewhere.

The only really bad thing that has happened to me so far is I went chasing a furry black and white animal one night. Right as I got close to the animal it sprayed some really horrible smell right in my face. That was rude. I then had to have a really long bath and I was not let inside the boat for a few days.

When I got sprayed of my people (Kent) was so mad at me he did not talk to me for a whole day, the other one (Heather) just felt really sorry for me. I probably should not chase those furry black and white animals again. According to my people I still have the horrible smell on me a week plus afterwards but I can’t really smell it myself.

That’s all from me, I am going to go take a nap somewhere cool.