We Have Arrived and Settled In

2,200 + miles in the car and we made it from Portland, OR to Grand Rivers, KY. Thankful to catch up with several friends along the route to break up the long drive.

The last several days have consisted of finding a place to put everything we brought (we brought a lot), cleaning the boat (so dirty that a power washer was required), and boat projects (successes – replacing the water pump for the AC and officially getting the graphic with new name on the boat).

Two downsides we’ve experienced. First, it is hot and humid here. Even if you get up super early to walk, run, or do anything it’s already 75 degrees and humidity is around 70%. Hoping we acclimate – and fast. Second, haven’t seen recycling options since we left home. The inner Oregonian weeps a little with every bottle, can etc that goes into the dumpster.

We’ve already met some fellow Loopers. Those who join the AGLCA (America’s Great Loop Cruising Association) fly a burgee which quickly identifies you as traveling the same route.

With it being Labor Day weekend we also met several dock neighbors, southern hospitality in full force. We plan to be here at Green Turtle Bay marina through the end of September. We don’t intend to stay at the dock though. In fact we are currently anchored in Sugar Bay, a 2 ish hour ride south on Lake Kentucky.  It is a nice spot – quiet and great water to cool off in.

Penny dog is adjusting. She gets lots of attention on the dock which is what keeps a Golden Retriever happy.

We will also be posting pics on the mvheartbeat Facebook page so check there as well.