Penny’s Perspective – 1 year + on Heartbeat



Before I (Penny dog) left on The Great Loop I had no idea how many people did it so this graph was pretty cool to see. There are quite a few dogs on The Loop but I have no idea how many. Maybe one day they will count us.

Hi. It is me – Penny. I was supposed to submit this post a few months ago but I've been busy. OK, I really have just been napping and procrastinating. 

I'll try to keep this brief but a lot has happened since last September when I found out I was moving onto a boat. Practically every day I am in a new place and seeing new things. There are some places I like better than others but overall I think I've adjusted pretty well to living in a small space. 


  1. I get to swim right off the boat. 

  2. I get to walk a lot of beaches, cities and even hike in some pretty beautiful areas. 

  3. I get a lot of attention when I am off the boat. Not to brag but adults and kids always want to pet me when I am tied up outside a grocery store, shop etc. Some people even take selfies with me. I also get to go into a lot of dog friendly restaurants and bars which is nice. 

  4. I have met some really cool Loopers. You know who you are but every time I see some of you I know I am going to get a bunch of petting, some treats and a lot of attention. You know me by name and I know you by name. 

Not Highlights: 

  1. Getting sprayed by a skunk in Kentucky. Let me explain – I was trying to chase it because it was fuzzy and running. Before I knew what happened my eyes, nose, mouth and face burned and I smelled a horrible smell. I was not allowed inside the boat for several days. 

  2. Having to go to the urgent care vet in Baltimore for an allergy. Let me explain – my face was itching so I kept scratching it. My people put socks on my feet and gave me Benedryl but I kept scratching because it felt good to scratch. I scratched so much I got a big sore, it got infected and I ended up with a giant cone around my neck for a few weeks. The cone was not a highlight. 

  3. My people telling me over and over and over and over to "go potty" on the boat. I will not pee where I walk and live, that is gross to me. 

  4. Rough seas. Yes my people figured out to put out a yoga mat so I do not slide back and forth on the floor but it is hard to walk around the boat and do anything when the boat is moving all over the place. I have not gotten sea sick but it is just not much fun when it is rough. I'd rather be on shore chasing a ball.

Things I miss: 

  1. I miss my large yard with places to roam on my own. I guess it is OK though because figured out pretty quick on this trip though that my people will take me everywhere they are allowed to take me which is nice. 

  2. I miss my large house where I would sneak up on the couch and bed when my people were at work. The bed is too high on the boat for me to get on and I have decided the couch is not comfortable enough for me to want to get on. I do not miss getting yelled at for being on the furniture at the old house. 

  3. I miss hiking at my neighborhood park. I get to do a lot of city walking and beach walking but I miss the evergreen trees and trails in the Pacific NW.

Below are some of my favorite things/places from this past year. There were so many to choose from as every day is a new adventure so this is just a few quick pictures of me. 

Here I am over a year ago at my old house. I am sure glad my people did not make me ride across the country in this trailer to meet up with Heartbeat. Instead I got to sit in the car with them for a week to go from Oregon to Kentucky. 

I learned that I can find just about anywhere on the boat to sleep. 

Despite being told to move all of the time I like to lay right underneath the helm. This way I am close to the person driving. 

This is another one of my favorite places to be while we are underway.
I have been able to see some pretty cool cities on this trip. Here I am looking at the NYC skyline. 

I even got to go to Canada and sit in several of the Parcs Canada red chairs.
One of my favorite things to do is to swim. Here I am in Canada somewhere. The water here is nice, it does not taste salty. 

I have to admit though that the water in the Bahamas was warmer and it was so clear that I could always see the ball or stick I was fetching. 
There are some pretty nice beaches to walk out there on The Great Loop. I have lost count of how many beaches I have been on. 

I get driven from Heartbeat to shore in MY dingy. I am very good about getting in/out of the dingy when I am supposed to. Think I’ve only fallen in the water a few times and that was because I was not listening to what my people were telling me to do. 

My people have accepted that I will just “hold it” for 36 hrs when I need to. They thought this picture was funny because I refuse to go potty on the boat despite them trying turf, pee pads and a dozen other ideas. 

When people ask me how I feel about The Great Loop I say I am one lucky dog.