Guest Post: Brittany & Mike


Brittany & Mike Roska (Britt and Kent are cousins)

We arrived at Kellermans (think of the resort in the movie Dirty Dancing), er uh Killarney Mountain Resort, on Wednesday to find Heather out running and Kent on the top deck of the boat with one beer in his hand and two beers waiting for us. It was a beautiful thing to see them exactly as we had last seen them. It was late afternoon, and we spent it catching up and then headed out to dinner at Herbert’s for some world famous fish and chips. 

Herbert’s Fish & Chips dinner in Killarney. 

Dinner was followed by some ice cream at the local parlor where we also purchased some worms for all the fish we were going to catch (or as it turns out – not catch). That’s right, ice cream and worms. Although we were torn between trivia night in the main lodge and the talent show taking place out on the lawn, we opted to hit the bar for some live music… and soon after off to bed.

The next four days went something like this: coffee, breakfast, cruise to new spot, lunch, hike, swim, SUP, read, happy hour, dinner, board games… and it was glorious. We spent time in Covered Portage Cove, The Pool and Mary Ann Cove anchorages (all in the Georgian Bay area). I don’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed and I definitely said to Mike on more than one occasion, “Maybe we SHOULD buy a boat?” And then there was the scenery. Wow! I’ve been to Canada quite a few times now, but honestly it’s like the Pacific NW x10. So beautiful and wild and I kick myself every time we come that we don’t visit even BC more as it is so close to us.

Look closely we are all at the top with our arms up in the air!

View from the top of the rock in the picture above – Heartbeat is in the upper right corner tied off to a tree.

We hiked to Topaz Lake one day. 

Kent and I swimming in the clear lake waters, nobody really wanted to get out the water was so nice. 

Mike practicing his bouldering skills at Topaz, he’s in the orange circle. 

Rocktails after a day of hiking. 

Cassen Peak – hardest of all the hikes we did but the view was fantastic. 

 As hard as we looked, we did not see a bear but managed a snapping turtle, two cute otters, fish and a water snake. Oh, and Kent saw a deer swimming across a channel. 

This snapping turtle looked cute on the surface but it had some sharp claws and a beak that looked like it could also do some damage. 

Mike taking Penny to shore for her evening potty break. 

Had to settle for a couple nice sunsets instead of bear sightings. 

More than anything it was wonderful to spend so much time with two of our most favorite people in the world. We humored Kent with another Exalted Ruler title because he won the board game Catan and he also he earned Lord of Carcassonne title as well for winning that game as well. We told stories and laughed so much. We are sad to go, but who knows, maybe we will be back for the Bahamas, eh?

Good times had by all!