Penny’s Perspective – Bahamas

I was not so sure about this place they called the Bahamas. Before we left Florida my people took me to the vet (to get a health certificate which is required for an animal to enter the Bahamas) and then they cut my hair shorter. I do not mind the vet but I did not understand why I should not have my long fur anymore. Something was said about how hot I might get and that I would take less time to dry after swimming.
I was not kidding - they cut my hair shorter. It blew all over the place when it was being cut off.
I admit, I have really liked all the places we have been in the past 3 months. I swam a lot and walked beaches every day. There were also several extra people that came to stay with us so I got a lot of extra attention when there were guests on board. Not to brag but I also got a lot of attention from the locals. The Bahamian kids like to pet me and giggle, guess they do not see dogs like me very often.

Here are some pictures of what I was doing while in the Bahamas.

Sometimes my people will swim and not let me in the water. I do not think that is very fair.
Ok, reality is most days I was swimming. I loved chasing my tennis ball in the clear warm water.
When I am wet from swimming I have to sit on the swim platform until I dry a bit. I give my people a look to tell them I am not happy drying off for hours.
Here I am with my friend Mary (Forever Friday). The SUP is pretty cool and I do not have to do anything.

When we move to a new place sometimes the boat will move a little bit but sometimes it moves a lot. This (yoga) mat helps me from sliding all over the place when the boat is really rolling.
Here I am waiting patiently in my boat to go to shore.
This is what I have to deal with when it is low tide at a marina or dingy dock and I cannot jump off on my own. I am sure by the time this trip is over I will get dropped in the water.
It is true, the Bahamian kids loved me.
Here I am on one of my daily beach walks.
This is my favorite shady spot on the boat when it is hot out.
My people were laughing at me when I tried to get in the hammock this way.
I think this is a great sunset picture of me.
I will let you know what I think of the east coast in a few months, that is apparently where we are heading next.