6 Months

Today marks 180 days on The Great Loop for us.

We have been tracking a few details along the way …

Miles traveled: 3,228
US states visited: 5 (+1 more via car)
Number of locks: 18
Countries visited outside of the US: 1 – Bahamas

Where we have spent the last 180 nights:
     Marina: 45%
     Anchor: 42%
     Mooring ball: 11%
     Free dock/wall: 1%

Spending 75 of the 180 days in the Bahamas allowed us to anchor or grab a mooring ball more often. Since we were in the Bahamas a bit early in the season we did have to hide out from weather more often in a marina than we had expected.
     Marina: 34%
     Anchor: 45%
     Mooring ball: 21%

Number of other boats we have met with the name Heartbeat: 2 (both were in the Bahamas)

Things lost overboard:
  • VHF handled radio (which was used only once).
  • 2 window sun screens (which were new, luckily we found a canvas person in St Petersburg, FL who did a rush job for us).
  • 2 deck tank keys (not that critical because we have several but these were nice sturdy ones).

Our next 6 months will have us traveling through a lot of states as we move up the east coast. We will then make our way to Canada and the Great Lakes. There will be a lot to see along the way in a fairly short time (when you travel at 7-7.5 knots). We are looking forward to seeing and doing as much as we can!