Cat Island to S Eleuthera

The day after guests departed Kent headed back to Portland. He managed to get in some quick visits with friends between multiple Dr appointments (all looks good from his cardio team) and checking on our house, which is rented out while we are living on Heartbeat.

There is something wonderful about seeing Mt Hood by plane … with the exception that it meant 38 degrees in Portland when Kent landed.

While Kent was gone, Penny and I spent the time on Stocking Island (across from Georgetown) exploring the trails, beaches and swimming holes.

Daily walks minus our beach walking partner (Kent).

We basically had the 4mi beach to ourselves each day.

Once Kent was back on Heartbeat we had some options on where to head next but we had decision paralysis (it is a side affect of cruising and wanting to see it all). We really wanted to explore some of the places in the northern Exumas we missed when we traveled down but there was also Cat Island nearby and that was somewhere new for us. In the end the sea state told us it would be Cat Island. We started for the Exumas but we were bashing into 5’ waves which was not fun and we altered course. The lure of the blue waters of the Exumas will have to wait until another time.

Dolphins on the way to Cat Island

On Cat Island, walking up to Mount Alvernia.

Mount Alvernia is the highest point in the Bahamas at 206 feet.

In 1939 Monsignor John Hawes, built this small medieval monastery from local stone in a place where he could get away from the world.

Rain squalls produce a free boat wash and as an added bonus on this day a huge rainbow.

Dinner out at one of the local beach shacks on Cat Island. We’ve had no luck fishing ourselves so meals out we tend to both order fish. Cannot go wrong with the snapper or grouper that someone else will cook and serve you.

While we wait for dinner Penny makes friends with the locals.

After a couple of nights at Cat Island we made our way up north to Eleuthera. Eleuthera is 90 miles long, giving us a chance to anchorage hop our way from the southern tip to the northern tip. While we absolutely miss the unbelievably clear waters in the Exumas both Cat Island and southern Eleuthera seem to be less crowded than the Exumas.

We have learned that cruise ships will buy an island in the Bahamas and make it one of their standard stops. Although you cant tell from the pic, this ship is the size of a floating city, is anchored off their private island and is ferrying 150 passengers to shore at a time.
Clear green waters off Cape Eleuthera.

Hoping we closed the hatches while exploring the town of Rock Sound. Looks like it could get a little wet.

Ten Bay anchorage – all by ourselves!

Low tide at Ten Bay anchorage with Heartbeat in the background.

It is hard to beat the clear blue waters in the Exumas but the green waters here are quite stunning.

Celebrating Kent’s birthday when we arrived at Cape Eleuthera.

More to come as we make our way up to the northern part of Eleuthera.