Guest Blog: Sandy and Doug

As Kent would often call us…The Parental Units. We came to visit for a week seeking relaxation and turquoise waters.  

We found plenty of turquoise waters.

We also found great sunsets each night.

After a quiet night at a marina, we got to experience a trip on the seas…..not relaxing at all! But it was worth it once we reached our destination – Pig Beach at Big Majors. Who knew pigs could swim!

Kent took the female parental unit snorkeling at the Grotto….a cave accessible by an underwater entrance. It was absolutely beautiful.

About to head out to The Grotto for some snorkeling.

After another day at a different anchorage…..more beautiful water and white sand beaches, we headed to Stocking Island and Georgetown. The trip getting there was quite rocky……not my favorite day to say the least….. but what a beautiful area.

Rolling around for 4 hours on our way to Georgetown.

It was a week of hiking, beach bars and great food.

View from the top of Stocking Island – Heartbeat (circled) among all the other boats at Monument Beach anchorage.

Kent showing off “crabzilla” while hiking on Stocking Island.

Walking around the settlement of Blackpoint.

The Blowhole at Blackpoint.

Doug + rum + beach bar = happy.

It has been a once in a lifetime vacation for us and we can’t thank Heather and Kent enough for allowing us this opportunity.