Penny’s Perspective – part 2

A few people have asked for it and since it has been awhile here is (what we think) Penny’s perspective of being on The Great Loop is.

The river section a few months ago was great. I slept most days we were traveling because it was like riding in a car. Oh and Glenn stayed with us when we were on the rivers, he was super nice and was always petting me even though I was constantly in his way.

 I got sprayed by a skunk back when we were in the rivers. After that I got a new collar put on me. People comment on my collar. I can not see it but they tell me it has cool beer mugs on it.

There are some days since we have been in Florida that are not as nice on the boat for me as when we were in the rivers because the boat is constantly moving up and down and rolling back and forth. Those days I am not happy.

I am also not happy when we travel for a day plus and I can not go to shore. My people keep telling me to “go potty on the boat” but that is just a crazy idea they have. I can hold it, my record is 34 hrs so far.

But when the boat is not moving all over I have a favorite place to look outside. It is a small step but I find it comfortable and I can watch for dolphins, birds, crab pots and other things in the water.

I like the beaches a lot.  I am not allowed on most of the beaches in Florida just because I am a dog but the ones I have been on I really like. They are much warmer and whiter colored than the Oregon coast beaches.

I keep getting told I shed too much on the boat. I get brushed often but I know there is still hair everywhere. Today I think my people took it to the next level because I got a haircut.

There is something that I keep doing and I get in trouble but it is worth it. When my people leave me on the boat I jump on their bed and sleep there. It is much better than the towel they give me to sleep on. They come back to the boat and I guess I look guilty because they tell me over and over again to “feel bad”. I try to look like I feel bad for their sake.

I have not been swimming since the rivers. I am surrounded by water all the time and I just do not understand why I can not swim in it. They say something about crocodiles … whatever those are.  So I just walk all over with my people exploring new places, meeting new people and chasing my tennis ball.

One last thing, this is embarrassing but here is a picture of me in Ft Myers. This was most certainly not my idea.